A couple of days ago, when my math teacher asked, "Any questions?”, I asked, "What is the meaning at life?". She replied, “The meaning of life is math." Today, we realized that in the alphabet, M is the 13th letter, A is the 1st letter, T is the 20th letter, and H is the 8th letter. 13+1+20+8=42 前一段时间,数学老师问到,“还有问题吗?” 然后我就问,“老师,人生的意义是什么?” 他回答说 “意义就是数学”。今天我终于意识到意义就蕴藏在字母当中,M是第13个字母,A是第1个,T是第20,H是第8。 13+1+20+8=42,答案就是42。 65220@163.com